Working with data is complicated enough - we try to make everything on our end straight-forward.

Key concepts


A base is a namespace for your database. It’s home to your saved queries, AI conversations, charts and dashboards, metadata, and automations. Learn more


Just like you talk with Chat-GPT, you can have conversations with our AI agent EZQL - but ask about your own data. EZQL converts your natural language prompts to SQL, and returns query results, charts and more. Learn more


Queries are SQL statements that can be run on top of your database, saved to your base, shared with your teammates or easily converted to charts. Learn more


Dashboards contain charts powered by SQL queries. Learn more

Commands (Beta)

Commands are a way to build automations on top of your database. Learn more

Data Catalog

Add metadata on top of your database for more clarity and better querying. Learn more


Extend your database experience by providing new views and integrations.


A workspace is your organizational unit - it's what your bases and your team belong to in Outerbase. Learn more

What is Outerbase?