What is Outerbase?

Whether you need to query, analyze, visualize, or make your data accessible - Outerbase is the interface for your database that allows you to do all that and more. We're modernizing the tooling around databases and making it possible for teams to access data and collaborate in real-time, all in a secure cloud environment.

Even simple tasks can involve a lot of steps when working with data. By bringing everything into one tool, Outerbase streamlines a lot of common workflows while maintaining flexiblity for you to work how you need to.

View and edit your tables

We show your database tables in a familiar spreadsheet-like style. By using plugins (or building your own) you can enhance your experience to suit your needs.

Collaborate with your teammates

Outerbase allows you to create a central hub for your team to collaborate around your data. Together you can create saved queries, visual dashboards, contribute to your data catalog and much more.

Query your data

Write and save queries to your base that you can refer back to as you need, or share with other teammates. Easily export results or visualize them.

No SQL knowledge required

Our AI-driven natural language to SQL agent “EZQL” makes it possible for you to talk directly to your database, making querying data easier and more accessible than ever before.

Data viz in a heartbeat

From any query, you can populate an easy-to-read and customizable chart with a single click. Charts can be embedded, exported or saved to a dashboard - whatever makes sense for the point you need to get across.

Build out automations

Streamline routine tasks, or built out tailored solutions for unique challenges with our Commands feature (currently in beta).

Modify your schema

If you need to add a new table, modify the data type of a field, or changing the relationships between tables you can do that all from within the Outerbase UI.

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