Outerbase is an ideal tool for having all members of a company who need to make data-driven decisions invited to a shared workspace. Together you can create saved queries, visual dashboards, contribute to your data catalog, and much more – all being shared with the rest of your team.

Familiarize yourself with any limits and potential costs associated with adding new members to a workspace on our pricing page.

Inviting members

Note: If you are on the Explorer Plan, you will need to upgrade your workspace to be able to invite new members.

  1. Navigate to workspace settings in the top nav bar.
  2. Next to your Members list, click on New member.
  3. Enter a comma separated list of email addresses to invite.
  4. Send invitations.

All invitees will receive email notifications to join your workspace.

Removing members

  1. Navigate to workspace settings in the top nav bar.
  2. Navigate to your Members list.
  3. Click on the action menu next to the member you wish to remove, and select Remove from workspace.

Accepting invitations

  1. Open your emailed invitation and click the unique invite link.
  2. If you do not have an account yet with Outerbase, select Create Account.
  3. If you have an account already, click Sign In.
  4. Click Accept Invite to join the workspace.