Conversations (with EZQL)


Our AI agent EZQL allows you to have conversations with your database and directly query your data, even if you're not a SQL expert.

How it works

EZQL (or "Zeke" as we like to say) is the name of our AI agent. It understands how your database is structured, it's schema, tables, and even the foreign keys and indexes to understand the relationship between your columns.

Through our Conversations feature, you can give EZQL natural language prompts and it will convert them to SQL, run queries, build charts, complete cross tables joins and more.

Conversations are powered by OpenAI's gpt-3.5-turbo-16k model, but it's important to note that none of your data is stored or used to further train their models.


Let's say my data looks something like this

    username VARCHAR(50),
    email VARCHAR(50),

I can ask EZQL:

Who signed up in the last week?

And it would return

FROM users 
WHERE date_created >= NOW() - INTERVAL 1 WEEK;

This is a very basic example. EZQL can handle complex queries, cross table joins and much more.


You can use the following shortcuts to enhance your experience with EZQL. They provide additional context and help EZQL respond to you in a more guided way.


This will generate an entire dashboard based on your query, simply type /viz topic (replace the word topic with your own topic) and it'll create an entire dashboard based on that topic.


This is an easy one, it's starts a new conversation. Use this if you've gone too far down a rabbit hole, or if you want to start querying something else.


View all of your past EZQL queries, re-run them, or continue where you left off.


Tell us what you think of the product, report bugs, or any other issues you might have.

Getting better results

Sometimes data isn't as clean as we'd like it to be, or the naming may be internally known but would not be clear to those outside your company.

With our Data Catalog feature you can add metadata to your database and each of your columns and tables to provide EZQL with more context.

Open source

EZQL is open-source, meaning you can add it to your own app and query your data wherever you want.

To learn more about the open source project please visit our GitHub page.